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Clear Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is impact and scratch resistant while being shatterproof. Our glass is widely used on railings, office dividing walls, shower partitions, for modern design and safety protection.


Satin Etch Tempered Glass

Satin etched glass offers a wide choice of patterns that add privacy to interior spaces while still allowing light transmission. The satin etch process results in a decorative pattern and fingerprint-resistant.


Pinhead Tempered Glass

Pinhead tempered glass has a low-profile grainy texture that creates a strong sense of privacy. This glass works well with more classic models, having been commonly used in commercial buildings.

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Speciality Color & Design

We offer specialty tinted glasses with special effects, textures and colors highlight design versatility for architects and designers. Including partial satin etched, smoked, dyed, and perforated glass


Different Thickness

We understand the timely needs of our clients. We are stocking large amount of float class with different thickness including 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Our shipments are incoming weekly.

Custom size and hole cutting

We offer custom size and hole cutting to fit your needs and glass attachments before tempering. Size of the glass is up to 7ft x 12ft and thickness is up to 19mm. 




Glass Tempering Service

Tempered glass is also referred to as toughened glass. The glass undergoes controlled thermal in order to increase strength. We offer tempering services to clients all over Lower Mainland.


Specialized Cutting Service

We use CNC machines custom cut and finish glass according to our clients specifications. Our glass are widely used in shaped stair rails and shower doors which require precise cutting on the glass up to 12mm.  


Fine Polishing Service

When we cut glass, it usually has sharp edges. These sharp edges are hazardous. In order to avoid such dangers, we offer edge polishing services. We have edge polishing machines that are capable of polishing different sizes of glass.

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